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The beginning of 2022 marked a milestone for both Toby Lawrence and Ragnhlid Ulleland, who joined Thor Companies more than half a decade ago. Thor was a different place back then, and few have seen and experienced first-hand the growth of the business as much as these two. We asked them a few questions about their careers at Thor: the good times that’s been and the even better time that’s yet to come.

When did you start at Thor, and why?

[Ragnhild] I started working at Thor in February 2017. I had been working in sales for a bit when a friend who worked at Thor reached out to see if I would be interested in joining the company. I was already interviewing for a few other recruitment companies but when I heard the journey that our directors wanted to take the company on, it really got me interested. The ambition and potential for growth were one of the main reasons for me joining Thor.

[Toby] While finishing sixth form I worked at Starbucks to save some money to travel for the upcoming gap year – this is where I met Michael who later started working at Thor. After travelling around Europe and halfway through my gap year, Mikey reached out and asked if I’d be open to having a chat with him and the directors about potentially joining Thor too – this must have been Jan/Feb 2017. I went for a few interviews and loved what they were saying, so the prospect of moving to London at 19 was too good to say no to!


Toby Lawrence

How was Thor as a company when you started? How has it changed over the years?

[Ragnhild] I was employee number 14 and we were working in a small office in Vauxhall. I do refer back to these days as “the glory days”, but I can't lie when I say that having been a part of the growth over the last five years and seeing us hit milestones like celebrating hitting 100 employees and opening multiple global offices have been the most exciting journey so far.




[Toby] When I joined Thor we were 15 people working in a small office in Vauxhall and just one site globally. I do look back on these times fondly, but the growth we’ve seen over my five years here has been special. We’ve gone from one office to four globally (soon to be five), there’s 100+ in headcount and multiple new brands/ regions covered compared to when I joined.


So, why Thor?

[Ragnhild] Summarised in one word – Growth! Both personal with my career and endless opportunities but also seeing the company grow and other people's careers.

[Toby] The two big ones here are career progression and the people. When I joined there was a huge opportunity for new people coming in and that remains to this day. I’ve seen and experienced this first hand and it’s nowhere near finished. The good people are the other reason I come in every day – everyone is pulling in the same direction so it’s enjoyable being surrounded by like-minded individuals.


How has your career developed at Thor?

[Ragnhild] The constant opportunity to grow – I have never felt like there was any ceiling to my development and I have always been given the opportunity to grow my career and develop my knowledge.

[Toby] To start as a trainee resourcer and now be looking after Life Sciences Business Development in Europe, I think that speaks volumes about the career development that can happen at Thor. In five years I’ve been lucky enough to do business in six countries across two continents, as well as start new markets and really grow something. That’s not to mention business trips to Ireland, USA, Switzerland and Sweden which are always great and good fun.


Ragnhild Ulleland

Where do you see Thor in 5 years?

[Ragnhild] Thor Companies will be the recruitment partner to go to in Scandinavia within Teknologi, Engineering and Life Sciences. I also think the growth we are experiencing in the US, as well as the rest of Europe, is super exciting and with the ambition of the people at Thor, there is no ceiling to our growth.






[Toby] Very hard to say but I can definitely see Thor being one of, if not the go-to recruitment company across Scandinavia within our brands of Teknologi, Engineering, and Life Sciences. The other regions we’re operating in won’t be too far behind either. I absolutely think that 2-3x headcount is achievable and a few new office locations could be on the cards – watch this space.


Finally, what’s the most exciting thing you look forward to at Thor?

[Ragnhild] How many times can one person say Growth in one blog post? Well, I am about to say it again – THE GROWTH! I can’t wait for our LA office to open up later this year, and as a Norwegian, our Oslo office can't open soon enough. I am also very excited to see all the people at Thor continuing to develop and offering them the same opportunity we were given!

[Toby] It would have to be the growth. I’m in a lucky position where I’ve seen Thor as a 15 person company working in a little shoebox office to where we are now which is a multi-office and country, global business. Having seen this I know what’s capable and that when the directors have a vision they will execute – we’re only getting better year on year so there are big things coming. I’d also have to say that seeing your friends' & colleagues' careers grow is amazing – we all want to see each other succeed so you can’t beat that.

If you would like to be a part of our fast-growing company, we're always looking for new talent to join our team in our global offices in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York and Los Angeles. Have a browse through our open internal vacancies on our website and reach out to our Talent Acquisition team today.

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