Beyond Black History Month: Exploring Awareness, Equity, and Unity | Thor Companies
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Embracing the spirit of Black History Month, we delve into a series of thought-provoking questions together with Marcus McDowell, that extend far beyond the confines of a single month. This discussion aims to foster lasting awareness, understanding, and equity in our society. From the promotion of inclusive education to the accountability of leadership teams, and the global perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion, these questions challenge us to confront the complexities of our interconnected world. Join us in exploring these pressing issues as we navigate the path toward a more inclusive and united future!

Our Expert:


Marcus McDowell: Marcus is an American/Canadian based in Berlin. He has lived abroad for several years and currently "powers diverse-founded, lead, and owned businesses globally". He merges his academic experience in Europe and Asia with his working experience in each region to help accelerate diversity across several industries.

His skill sets include marketing, business strategy, communications, and design. His proven track record of catalyzing and implementing DEI initiatives compliments his business prowess. His burgeoning legacy is centred around the echoes of his ancestor's and communities' social innovation and impact. 



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