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After unexpected circumstances in 2020, we held our heads and spirits high for more positive 2021. Catching up on lost time, and lost resources was critical for many companies to ensure that their company continue to head in the right direction – and back to full force in shaping, and improving the lives of people around the world.

Here at Thor Companies, we were lucky enough to support many company’s road back to normality, and even saw dozens of clients have some of their best years yet – in terms of their clinical trial success AND creating some amazing cultures by taking care of their employees, and hiring some of the best new talent.

The biggest changes, demand flexibility. Adapting to situations that may cause concern, and handling them in the best way possible. The most significant changes highlighted has been the need for companies to improve their recruitment strategy, in order to reduce the difficulties created by one of the most competitive hiring markets in recent decades, and a further shift in the balance of a candidate driven world.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with our clients, both the old and the new – in discussing their growth objectives and how best to achieve them. Decisions made from using the right recruitment models, creating positions around top-tier candidates, and most notably working closely with us to stay connected with Freelancers that are able to offer temporary, but imperative support for short-term deadlines, or long-term projects.

We predict that the upcoming holiday period, and the immediate quarter in 2022 will see a continued rise in the need for companies to be one step ahead in their planning and preparation for recruitment plans.

Meetings with our clients are on-going to ensure they have the right support from us to help them achieve these plans, hiring the best people as soon as needed.

If you’re currently facing any difficulty or challenges in fulfilling your current vacancies, do reach out to schedule a confidential call. We are available to discuss what support we can provide over the holidays for any immediate needs, or how you can secure our team’s resources for your recruitments for after the New Year!

As always, be safe and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. God Jul och gott nytt ar from the Thor Life Sciences team!

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