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Despite all the challenges and uncertainties of leaving her comfortable life in Stockholm, Swedish Tech Consultant, Malin Rudolfsson, decided to take the leap and realise her dreams of developing her career with Thor Companies in London. Today she is grateful for all the support she got from the Talent Acquisition (TA) team during the whole relocation process, and for the unique opportunities she has been given with the company to develop her professional career.


For Malin, relocating to London was a very big decision and she knew that moving to a new country where she didn’t know anyone could be very tough and scary. She was born and raised in Stockholm and describes her life in Sweden as ‘very comfortable’. Yet a part of her always knew that she had to step outside her comfort zone and experience the life abroad.

I liked where I was. I liked Stockholm. But it was a part of me that always wanted to move abroad, and it was more about me being too afraid to take the step.

The big question for many people when moving abroad for work is what are the external obstacles of living in a new country, such as money, visa, work permits and living situations - and how to deal with them. Brexit was also a big issue when Malin first got in contact with Thor about a potential job opportunity in London, but she credits the TA team for answering all her questions and helping her to make her final decision to accept the job offer.

“From day one the TA was so helpful and thorough and made me feel very secure. They supported me with their expertise in relocating and onboarding international employees and went the extra mile of making sure all my questions were answered. After flying to London to meet the rest of the team, managers and directors of the company, I made my decision. Just the mix of people from Scandinavia and people from the UK working together with such high ambitions - it’s an amazing atmosphere and an opportunity that I just could not miss.”

At Thor Companies, 50% of our employees are of Scandinavian backgrounds. It started with just a small office in London but now has a strong mix of Norwegian, Danish and Swedish nationalities in its London Headquarters, who complement the local, in-country teams.



Over one year has passed since Malin moved to London to work at Thor, which she says was ‘the best decision of my life. The company has an exciting journey ahead and continues to experience sustainable growth across all areas of Scandinavia and its dedicated brands. For Malin, this also means huge investments and a greater focus on employee learning and development and ‘no limits to what can be achieved.

“Working at Thor Companies is an opportunity I would recommend to everyone. Coming here and meeting all the people, but also working at a company that has such a journey ahead - where everyone’s career development will be so in focus - has been amazing and makes me look forward to what’s next.”


As a fast-growing company, we are always looking for future talent to join our team here in London. Please take a look at the open positions and reach out to our Talent Acquisition team via the link below:

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