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Transforming the Healthcare Industry

As a pioneering force in the Swedish medical technology sector, Nordberg Medical specializes in advanced biotechnological production processes and the cutting-edge commercialization of future-oriented biomaterials. As a subsidiary of a renowned global leader in medical-grade biomaterials, boasting over 15 years of exceptional research and development, Nordberg Medical stands at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation.


With an unwavering dedication to revolutionising the healthcare landscape, setting new standards, and shaping the future of medical advancements, Nordberg Medical sought our support to realise its visionary goals.

Partnership to accelerate Nordberg Medical's European Expansion


Nordberg Medical, at the forefront of biofunctionalized materials, is transforming various medical disciplines, including aesthetics, plastic surgery, and sports medicine. With a focus on launching groundbreaking products in Europe, Nordberg Medical embarked on establishing a strong regional presence and assembling a talented team. To achieve this, they partnered with our market experts to support them in finding top talent for their teams.

Driven by ambitious expansion plans, Nordberg Medical sought to recruit exceptional professionals across key countries like Sweden (housing their headquarters and manufacturing facilities), Germany, Spain, and the UK. Through our collaboration, their objective was to attract the brightest minds, enhance their expertise, and build a robust team capable of driving their growth and realizing their vision.

Our Solution

To propose the right solution, it's crucial to truly understand our client's culture, goals and growth plans to achieve them. Nordberg Medical faced a multifaceted challenge, requiring a diverse range of competencies across various countries within a specified timeline.

To address their complex requirements, we proposed a framework solution that proved to be the ideal approach for our partnership. This solution enabled our expert teams to conduct an extensive search, considering the niche skill sets and specific country demands of their organisation. Our dedicated resources and adaptability to handle a multi-national search, allowed us to proactively identify and present first-in-class candidates aligned with their evolving growth. 

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In our collaboration, we have fostered excellent communication, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process. Weekly meetings have become a cornerstone, driving progress and aligning our efforts, even surpassing expectations. The comprehensive summaries, well-structured CVs, and proactive discussions have paved the way for a seamless partnership. From the very beginning, we have set shared goals, including salary expectations, enabling us to work in perfect harmony.


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