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Donté Hobbs works as a consultant at Thor Life Sciences in New York. Keeping up with market trends is considered a crucial part of his job in order to place the right talent with the right projects and companies, aiming to make a positive impact through life sciences. In this article, he shares with us recent trends that have been seen within the pharmaceutical industry globally and how you can find your next career move.

A notable trend that has been seen within the pharmaceutical industry is the increase in oncology based clinical trials within the Asia-Pacific region. Over the last 10 years, the Asian-Pacific region saw a 138% boost in oncology trials with 58.1% of them being held in China alone. Whereas in North America, we saw a 13% decrease in oncology clinal trials, with 83.9% of them being held in the US.

Now, there’s been a big push to get clinical trials in Eastern Europe underway, but with sanctions being handed out left and right, Russian backed trials have stalled.


The surge in RNA treatment studies

Pharmaceutical and therapeutic companies alike, are seeing a surge of RNA treatments being studied, experimented with, reviewed, and brought to market.

Since the start of the pandemic and the release of several COVID-19 vaccines, major CMOs have been working on other therapeutic preventions for more potential outbreaks. These include antiviral medications and topical remedies.





Hybrid working

We’re also seeing a lot more remote/ hybrid approaches to this new world we live in. Several of my clients have understood what that will mean for their business moving forward and have actually noticed productivity percentages increase. Currently, consultants are undergoing a ramp-up of business development activities to promote a healthy balance of 360 work. Going out and finding new clients to work with while simultaneously going out to market and sourcing candidates; even in this short time frame of conducting 360 business, we’ve seen an increase in inactivity.

At Thor Companies, promoting a healthy balance at work is something we also do. If you would like to learn more about what we do at Thor, check out our website and browse our job board.

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