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Never a quiet moment here at Thor and that’s especially true for our newly formed Teknologi brand! Innovation has become tradition for us and it was only a matter of time before we were able to branch out and expand our offering to industries beyond the Life Sciences - what does this mean for our consultants, our partners and candidates?

Starting a new recruitment brand is no easy feat and we’ve been very strategic with the kinds of individuals who are going to be part of the initial group. With the strong backing of upper management and the blueprint of our European counterpart we’re confident that Tek is the future.

Every consultant has played an instrumental role in the strategy for this new venture and is taking their new responsibilities with stride.

For our clients and partners, we’re excited to finally be able to meet the demand outside of the Life Sciences. Our strategy here is to stay within regulated industries so we’re going to initially service Automotive and Defense/Aerospace. We’re continuing to put the focus on startups and technologies we think have the potential to shake things up.

Whether you’re a Software Engineer looking to join the next unicorn space travel startup or want to use your knowledge to drive forward the Electric Vehicle revolution – shoot us a connection request or contact Marcaz at kms@thor-companies.com.

Vice versa if you’re a hiring manager looking to extend your reach – feel free to contact Niklas at ng@thor-companies.com.

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