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It is an exciting time to be a part of Thor as our company recently celebrated our 10 Years Anniversary, flying out our entire global offices to Cannes, France for our Annual General Meeting. In this blog post, Shannon Blankchen from our New York office shares her experience meeting and connecting with her colleagues from UK and Scandinavia for the first time since the pandemic.


This truly was the trip of a lifetime as over 120 + employees from our offices in London, New York, Stockholm and Copenhagen came together to soak up the sun in the French Riviera and celebrate our past and present journey as a company.


Being a part of the Talent Acquisition team, I am very grateful to contribute to a culture that offers so many incentives to employees and was happy to see plenty of smiling faces come together. Some of the highlights included visiting rooftop bars, attending private beach parties and enjoying three-course meals while celebrating our values and how far we’ve come in the past decade.




According to Gita Ahluwalia, our Learning and Development specialist in London, “One of the best Thor Companies AGMs I have been to. It was just extraordinary to finally have everyone together and truly see how much we've grown as people and in business. I cannot wait to see what more is to come and I am so proud and excited to be a part of the journey!”


So what was the overall theme of this trip?

We focused on ways to “Reflect, Adapt, and Disrupt”.





We took a moment to reflect on the contributions of past and current events that navigated us throughout our journey today. When Thor was established in 2012, we had a small team of ambitious recruiters that challenged the status quo of the industry while overcoming huge obstacles.

In the middle of difficulties lies opportunities and with the oil crash in 2015 Thor established new brands such as Thor Life Sciences, Thor FinTec, Thor Infrastructure and most recently Thor Teknologi. We’ve grown into new geographic markets and expanded our global presence while priding ourselves on having a fun, dynamic, supportive and entrepreneurial environment.

A huge part of our culture has always been celebrating our success, with bi-annual trips with #ThorOnTour visiting places such as Verbier, Ibiza and Miami. On our trips we do not just take top performers, as a part of our value of “winning together” we incentivize our entire team to grow together and celebrate success.



Having understood the ever-evolving and unpredictable nature of the industry we emphasized heavily the need to adapt to the demands of a fast-paced global society.  According to Director Chris Singleton, “It is no coincidence that our agile internal functions have received huge investment over the last few years and are well on their way to becoming able to handle our future growth on an international scale.”

As a part of our growth plan, we are continuing to explore new and emerging markets while giving our consultants all of the tools to succeed and develop in their careers.





Anything but ordinary, our consultants are looking to evolve and challenge the status quo!

According to Chris Singelton, “Stepping into this new chapter we chose to disrupt the conventional internal workflows and form a vision for our future that will push us to streamline our goals and enhance our efficiency as a global business”

Each team had something unique to celebrate while highlighting accomplishments such as “Rookie of the year”, “Top Biller” and “Most impactful contribution to the business”


So who made this all possible?! Our fabulous operations and marketing team’s contributions made this trip seamless! Roza Panah, head of operations mentions,

It was a lot of hard work, planning, selling our socks off, negotiating, and funny French language barriers that have been going on behind the scenes to pull this project off. I think I speak for the whole of the Ops team when I say that it has been so rewarding to see all the smiling faces, and everyone having such an amazing time together on the French Riviera.”

This trip was truly unforgettable and I am confident that there will be more exciting times in the future… next stop is Dubai!

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