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When entering an interview many will have prepared for the traditional questions such as “tell me about yourself” or “why do you want to work for our company”. However, whilst it remains imperative to research the company thoroughly and prepare for these usual questions, we are in a new age of hybrid and remote working and with this comes a new age of tricky interview questions.

As experts in the field, we have heard it all and are fully equipped to help you manoeuvre any interview curveballs 2023 may throw your way.

It is important to note that the most fundamental step when preparing for an interview is doing the prerequisite background research on the following areas:

The organisations values, culture and their current and future strategies. It is also vital to familiarize yourself with the job description and requirements. Through doing this you make sure your answers are applicable to any advantageous skill sets or potential disadvantages you have in comparison to what is required.


interview1. Besides Compensation, What Do You Value The Most In The Workplace?


This question aims to reveal not only what values you look for within a workplace, but also your own personal values.

This is a good example to show the importance of doing your research to ensure your values align with the company. However, not only are you looking to be a good fit for the employer, it is important their values are good fit for you. One of the biggest predictor of job dissatisfaction is a misalignment of values.1


Example Of A Bad Answer:

“Big nights out, I love to party.”

Example Of A Good Answer:

“One of the core values I look for when applying to roles is company culture, I hope to work for a forward thinking and motivated company that enriches its employees with ample opportunity to take responsibility and excel.”


hard interview questions2. What Makes You Unique? What makes you stand out from other candidates

Instead of outlining all your previous experience, you want to showcase what makes you different from the competition - therefore you should answer the question in the same light. This is a chance to display, with examples, your USP and what makes you more suited to the role than any other candidate.

Try to focus on the cross-functionality of your skills and personality traits, and how these make you uniquely suited to succeed in this role. Use examples that highlight skills shown in the Job Spec as not only will these increase your credibility, but it can demonstrate to the interviewer that you have thoroughly researched and reflected on your compatibility with both company and role. 

Example Of A Bad Answer:

“I have been working for X, Y Z as an analyst for 15 years .”

Example Of A Good Answer:

Achievements I wouldn’t find on your CV such as personal courses/qualifications or personal skills such as your competency or punctuality.


hybrid interview


3. Where else are you interviewing?


Not only are you competing with other candidates for a great role, but Employers are also competing against each other for great talent. You can increase your value to them by showing that you are a hot commodity on the market. Don’t share specific details of other roles such as the company or salary, but don’t be shy in saying you have been approached by other opportunities.


Example Of A Bad Answer:

“You are the only company for me, I haven’t applied elsewhere” or “I have applied for lots of other opportunities but this one is the one that pays best.”

Example Of A Good Answer:

“I have been approached regarding other opportunities; however, my preference is your company because your values closely align with my own and my skillset is highly compatible with this role.”


2023 difficult interview


4. Why Are There Some Gaps In Your Employment?


This question is designed to unpack your employment trajectory. Over the past few years there may have been several external factors that have led to gaps in your employment, the most important thing is to be honest and positive. What is the reason for the gap and what did you do with this time to spend It productively? 



Example Of A Bad Answer:

“I couldn’t find a job because of Covid.”, “I was stressed and decided to take a break from working”

Example Of A Good Answer:

“I was unemployed for a short while during Covid, this however gave me the opportunity to upskill and self-improve, what I learnt during this time was...”


working from home interview wfh


5. What Is Your Biggest Weakness?


This question encourages the interviewee to be more honest and highlight any problems that could arise in their future with the company. This is a good opportunity to showcase your drive for self-improvement whilst avoiding the ever predictable “I am a perfectionist” route.




Example Of A Bad Answer:

“I can be lazy” “I sometimes can be late to meetings because I work so hard” or “I have no real weakness”

Example Of A Good Answer:

Demonstrate your self-awareness through incorporating the Myers Briggs personality indicator and illustrate what practices you put into place to improve on what could be considered weaknesses. For example, “I am always looking for new ways to self-improve and recently discovered I am INTP. Although not confident in presenting, I use my strength of creative problem solving to help develop and grow this skill and have achieved X, Y Z through doing this.”


teams working from home wfh


6. Whats your experience working from home, do you enjoy it?


If you do have experience, talk about how you organize your time and show your flexibility for hybrid work. Use examples that highlight the ability to adapt for both. If you don’t have previous work experience – emphasise your communication skills, your ability to utilize technology to your advantage and your superb time-management skills (all essential skills to work hybrid or from home)


Example Of A Bad Answer:

“I worked from home for a while, but I struggle to motivate myself so prefer to be in an office at all times.” – even in an office environment you should be able to be self-motivated.

Example Of A Good Answer:

“I enjoy both equally, and each have their pros and cons… Working from home strengthened my alternative forms of communication other than face to face, this is a transferable skill that ensures I make the most of meeting in person when in the office. I also understand the importance of consistent streams of communication weekly to increase workflow visibility when WFH”


wfh interview


7. How do you manage your time and stay organized?


This is a good chance to describe your daily workflow and how you structure your typical work day to show you are able to meet deadlines and remain organized in or outside of the office. Give specific examples of this, for example “Working from home allowed me to strengthen my time management skills as I now am proficient in prioritizing my workload and structure my day effectively. I use a time-management tool to plan out my time weekly, monthly and quarterly.”



The key themes to take away are to always do your research and the power of positivity - the importance of shining an optimistic light on questions which often elicit potentially pessimistic answers. If you can avoid speaking negatively on your previous role, previous circumstances and use turbulent times to better yourself - you’re bound to make a good impression.

[1] Lee, Thomas. (1988). How Job Dissatisfaction Leads to Employee Turnover. Journal of Business & Psychology. 2. 263-271. 10.1007/BF01014043.
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