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As part of our commitment to employee development, Thor Companies provides its staff with the opportunity to relocate to any of our offices worldwide. In this blog post, we catch up with Toby, our recent relocate who moved to the bustling city of New York. Moving to a new city or country can be an exciting yet challenging experience, and Toby, who serves as the Partnership Lead for Life Sciences US, sheds light on his personal journey over the pond.

What motivated you to move to the New York office?


Ever since going on a football tour to the USA while still at school, it had always been a long-term goal of mine to live abroad and in the US specifically. The four-week tour took us from New York to Minnesota and then finishing up in California. New York appealed to me the most, so when the opportunity came up towards the end of 2022 to move over here, I couldn’t say no.

From a personal standpoint, it’s two things really – one is the travel opportunity within the US and getting the chance to see different states. The other is just experiencing a different culture and city. Career-wise it’s multi-faceted too; getting the opportunity to start & build a new function for the company over here was super appealing, and the sheer size of the US means opportunities for partnerships are everywhere.



How did you prepare for your move to New York?


Once the VISA was secured, we set out a two-month preparation period in which I tweaked my working hours to allow me to get accustomed to the new market & culture pre-move date. This helped a lot as it wasn’t a standing start on my first day over here. It also gave me plenty of time to hand over everything going on in my old role.


What were some challenges you faced during the relocation process?


Honestly, the relocation process was pretty simple. Thor was very helpful with explaining what I would need to get done on arrival (social security, best & fastest ways to get a bank account, phone plans), so it was really a tick-box exercise once I landed.


How has your experience been so far in adapting to the culture and work environment in New York?


So far, it’s been great – having met most of the office and colleagues before moving was a big help. Everyone has been super welcoming and helpful with any questions. Also having spent some time recruiting in the US market at the start of my recruitment career has really been useful, just knowing how to interact with different cultures and some geographical/market knowledge is a big plus.


What support did you receive to help you settle in?


The company made the process pretty seamless. When it comes to the VISA process the HR team made life very easy. All the information and preparation you need is provided for the application itself and this continues once the VISA is in hand. The company offer a generous relocation allowance and covers all travel costs.

Once actually landed the team here has been nothing but help with getting accustomed to new banking systems, public transport, healthcare, general culture differences etc. So, in short, a lot is provided but if in doubt I just ask a colleague and any issues/questions are sorted out quickly.


I’m only six weeks in, but based on my time so far, I would say 100% do it. It’s an amazing opportunity to see a new place and get some life experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise, and all this is while having amazing career opportunities at the same time.

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