Monthly Payment Calendar
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Monthly Payment Calendar

Congratulations and welcome to Thor. Here you will find all the information to support your time at Thor.  

Firstly, please note all queries relating to submitting your timesheet and expenses or difficulty using the system please contact Contract Services. All queries relating to Payment and Self-bill invoices should be directed to the Finance Team.  

Based on the below approval date your payment will be made in relation to your relevant payroll calendar in your agreement. Any approvals made after 6pm GMT of the approval due date will be deemed as late and your payment will be made in the following payment cycle. Should there be a delay due to extenuating circumstances we ask that you notify Contract Service and the Finance Teams before the deadline.  


Monthly Hours/Expenses: 

Approval Due Date: 

January 2024 

5 February 2024 

February 2024 

5 March 2024 

March 2024 

3 April 2024 

April 2024 

3 May 2024 

May 2024 

5 June 2024 

June 2024 

3 July 2024 

July 2024 

5 August 2024 

August 2024 

4 September 2024 

September 2024 

3 October 2024 

October 2024 

5 November 2024 

November 2024 

4 December 2024 

December 2024 

6 January 2025 
























For all timesheet submissions, you are expected to now submit on the FastTrack timesheet system alongside any mandatory client systems.

Please click here for a step-by-step guide and further information on the system. If you have not yet received your logins with 48 hours of starting your assignment please contact Contract Services immediately.  


Contact information

For all contract timesheet related enquiries please contact our contractor services team:

For all pay related enquiries please contact payroll:


+44 203 475 84 31
68-70 S Lambeth Rd, Vauxhall London SW8 1RL