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Our Expertise

By tracking major projects over time, we understand which skills are in high demand but short supply. This enables us to spot trends so we can anticipate not only your current needs, but future ones too. We lean on our experience partnering with highly innovative engineering companies and candidates and foster a culture of life-long learning.

We add value by offering you a variety of recruitment solutions, both permanent and temporary, to address skills-gaps across your business quickly and effectively.

“The Consultant at Thor has shown great recruitment quality, as good listening, sensibility to your client concerns, good grip of circumstances and grit in identifying candidates that suit the brief”




We are supporting societies' transition to a cleaner future. We provide local and international experts across the value chain to companies at the forefront of the energy transition. We aim to partner with companies spearheading the design and construction of new technologies and products which help power our communities with clean energy.


An increasingly important market is the refurbishments of old residential spaces and office blocks as well as creating state of the art sustainable data centres, logistics centres, hospitals, schools etc.

We specialize in delivering skilled experts to construction consultancies and contractors across the region.


We focus on transportation, the built environment and major public projects.

In partnership with construction consultancies and contractors, we provide a large network of established experts within the design and production of some of the most innovative projects to help better connect society.


Behind every product used in daily life, there is a group of highly qualified individuals at the forefront of R&D and production processes.

We are a trusted partner that helps you find the right people to deliver quality products to your customers.


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