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Thor Companies' European offices are located in London, Stockholm, and soon to come - Copenhagen and Oslo. While our London and Stockholm offices are dedicated to specific operations, they're both centrally located in the city in modern and inclusive environments that encourage collaboration, productivity and foster a high-performing culture.


London HQ

Our employees in London enjoy our recently renovated and refurbished office in Vauxhall, five minute's walk from Vauxhall station.

Served as our European headquarters, this open space office spans over two floors and hosts up to 120 employees. From a huge lounge area with unlimited coffee, tea, and beverage, a ping pong table, and much more to spend time together away from the desks - to spacious and bright meeting rooms, and soundproof phone booths for meaningful interactions.



Stockholm HQ

Our Business Development team in Stockholm are lucky to be situated in a first-class office space in the middle of the central business district.

On top of being sat in a private office with ergonomic furniture of top quality, the latest technology and international design, they also have access to the roof terrace on the tenth floor with a beautiful view of Vasastan, and a well-equipped member gym in the basement.


+44 203 475 84 31
68-70 S Lambeth Rd, Vauxhall London SW8 1RL