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Too often, L&D is tagged on as an afterthought. But at Thor, we know that learning is critical for the growth of our people. One of the reasons employees choose to stay in their company boils down to the training they receive. That’s why our training is extensive and often fully personalised. A survey even revealed that 92% of employees believe access to professional development is crucial when it comes to the company they work for. Moreover, employees that have access to development opportunities are 34% more likely to stay.

Due to this, there has been an increase in demand for training and development managers. In fact, it’s one of the human resource careers experiencing significant job growth, with an 8% growth expectation until 2028. Training and development managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, and orchestrating programs that will build the knowledge and skills of their employees. They also assess the training needs of employees, update existing programs, and oversee the training budget. Given their responsibilities, they are vital members of the human resources department.

But if you need more reasons why you should have a training and development manager onsite, below are some of them:


It allows your company to keep up

With new trends, knowledge, and changes that are continuously disrupting every industry, companies need to be updated and informed to keep up. Training and development managers are there to keep your employees updated with these changes. With their help, your company will have an overall improvement in staying updated and you’ll be able to keep up or even be ahead of your competitors.


It encourages employee retention

As previously stated, training and development programs influence employees to stay in the company. When employees stay in a position for too long, they tend to resign because they feel like there is no room for growth or improvement in the company. Through these skill-enhancing and knowledge-building programs, however, they feel that their professional development is in consideration by their employer. They feel that they can advance their careers, get promoted to higher positions, and take on more challenging work.


It boosts engagement and productivity

Individuals who say they are able to participate in development opportunities are 15% more likely to be engaged at work. When employees continue to develop their skills through training and development activities, they are able to take more responsibility. As such, they also become engaged in the company’s strategic goals. In the long run, this will encourage them to participate more actively and meaningfully in achieving the company’s goals. They are able to learn more and gain new skills that will both help the company, as well as boost their career growth.


It attracts quality talent

Job seekers nowadays look at a company’s career growth opportunities. However, only a small number of companies have career training for recent graduates that want to get a start in establishing their careers. Applicants are attracted to companies that will help them further their skills and experience. By having a training and development manager, your company can be more attractive to job seekers. Also, having a workforce that is equipped with quality skills through the training programs they received is enticing to job seekers. This is because they’re assured that they’re surrounded by dependable co-workers who will guide them and help them improve.

Training and development managers are critical members of a company. They keep the company up to date in terms of industry knowledge and skills and they encourage employees to stay through their programs. Additionally, they boost employee productivity, promote engagement, and attract talents to join the company.

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