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Do you have the right tools to recruit the top talent in Tech? Now, in the aftermath of the pandemic, we can clearly see its effects on how companies recruit, and the demands candidates are putting on companies looking to hire them. In 2021 and moving forward candidates control the recruitment market, and companies need to realise this to attain the talent they need to grow and succeed.

Before the pandemic, a few companies had worked from home or remote policies, but it was nowhere close to a business norm. That has changed remarkably and flexibility in the workplace has risen to be one of the most requested incentives to join a new business. Swedish ‘Internet Stiftelsen’ did a survey where 9 out of 10 wants to continue with a flexible workplace.


What was the impact of the pandemic?

The changes companies made during the pandemic weren´t short-term, they´re here to stay. As well with hybrid workplace companies that undergo digital transformations must stay afloat and on top of the game, which is only possible by hiring qualified IT employees. Given how quickly the digital realities took over the way businesses work, most (if not all) industries will see a huge demand for employees with skills in tech.

If we´re looking at the United States, a recent survey from Consumer Technology Association showed that finance and industrial companies are hiring more developers than software companies!

According to the employers’ organisation Almega, Sweden has a developer shortage of 70 000 people by 2022, and that number is increasing with time. In 2025 the shortage is estimated to be 120 000 developers, that´s a big issue. But in a smaller scope, how can your company compete and attract new hires in tech? As the demand for technical talent gains momentum, it´s important to understand the key factors for successful recruitment.


Key factors for successful recruitment

  • Be active
    Recruitment has changed a lot in the last few years. Companies can´t expect the right person to apply on an ad or reach out to them, you need to be active and competitive. Best case you have the time to actively contact potential candidates through Linkedin or other social media. If you don´t, take a couple of minutes to talk about the role in social media, use your network and ask for help. Candidates are more interested if they get a personal contact or tip rather than applying through tedious career pages.
  • Fast-paced process
    Heard of the saying “The early bird gets the worm’? It stands true for tech hiring too. The companies that act quickly, hire the best talents. Research says, about 50% of job seekers are impatient and agree to join the first job confirmation they get. All in all, it´s important to make sure that the tech hiring process is structured and moves faster.
  • The right person
    Of course, everyone looking for the right person. But who is this for you? Best tech skills or best aligned with your business values and culture? An employee that contributes to your culture and holds your value as their own is a successful long-term investment. Ensuring that your new hires are the right for you is imperative. Be proud of your values and talk openly about your culture. A culture fit is just as important as the candidate's skills.



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