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Talent Acquisition consultant, Shannon Blankschen, based in Thor's New York office shares what she believes is a good recruitment culture in 2022. In her opinion, it is more than ping pong tables and happy hours…

A common theme I continue to hear when I speak to recruiters and sales professionals that are looking grow their career and make a positive impact in their market is that they are looking for a great culture. So what does a good company culture mean in the year of 2022, when there are over 17,000 job postings hiring for recruiters on LinkedIn in New York City alone? In my opinion it is more than ping pong tables and happy hours…

People are looking for a company that fosters growth, a positive work place and to make a ton of money. If you are a recruiter or sales professional looking to make the most out of your career don’t settle, I have some practical advice on what you should be looking for to make the most out of your career.

First, with the hot market we are in now is the perfect time to kick start a career in recruitment or re-evaluate if your company is doing what it takes to stay competitive. I’ve compiled advice from plenty of recruiters on what they are looking for and what defines a good culture for them.




  1. Perks are great but they aren’t everything. YES fun office settings with couches and ping pong tables are cool but very few people are looking to make a change just because they company they are applying for has a beer fridge. Post-Covid 19, many workers want to go fully remote or work hybrid. Flexibility and work life balance is important for employees more now than ever before.
  2. Money is important! People choose to work in sales for a reason and that is typically to make $$$. Recruitment firms that have draws, caps or thresholds on commission aren’t fostering an environment where employees can make as much money as possible. If you are interviewing ASK the challenging questions in regards to commission and make sure you are comparing notes with what you are currently making and what companies are offering.
  3. KPIs, metrics and cold calling factories are a drag. The best work environment in recruitment focus on building relationships, rather than staying later on a Friday to make a bunch of calls to candidates that aren’t even qualified just to prove that you are doing your job.
  4. Retention is key, companies that hire to fire do not have a positive work environment. When interviewing check out glassdoor and ask about retention. Unfortunately there are plenty of sweat shops out there that will hire a lot of recent graduates or people without experience, pay low and have a huge turn over rate.
  5. Market growth is key! In order to revenue produce sales professionals must be working in a lucrative market. Markets like life sciences and technology are recession proof and a great way to grow a career as a recruiter.
  6. Professional growth is important, many recruiters have ambitions to manage a team and work on business strategy rather than be an individual contributor. Firms that offer employees a path to promotion and personal and professional growth typically have strong retention.
  7. Work life balance is a must in 2022! Yes, it is difficult to maintain work life balance as a recruiter but firms that micromanage and constantly require employees to be at their desk typically have negative environments.
  8. Its time for firms to shift away from toxicity and unhealthy competition, based off hundreds of phone calls with job seekers I know that cut throat environments still exist and as a TA specialist I am more than happy to steal talent from these outdated firms that give recruitment a bad name.
  9. This one is obvious but great benefits for employees (401K contribution, health care etc) of course make for a great culture! Agencies that can’t offer good benefits will likely see many employees go down the HR path for more stability.
  10. Lastly, and likely the most important is learning and development! Recruitment in general can be a huge challenge which is why it is important companies give their employees all the right tools to learn and be a rockstar at their job!

As a recruiter I am excited to see the industry grow and love that firms need to step up their game in order keep their people. Cheers to an exciting future for all recruiters!

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