Want to hear more about what working for Thor is really like? Meet our Ambassadors who work across our brands and have experienced all the aspects of Thor Companies®



Johanne Skjærvik



I first moved to the UK from Norway for University, before starting my career in recruitment. I joined Thor as I was excited by the “Best of Both” initiative; mixing the best parts of the Scandinavian culture with the best of the British culture means that we have a unique and great internal atmosphere. Focusing on quality over quantity means I am able to develop sincere relationships with my candidates and clients which helps me to give the best service possible to both.

Our directors all come from traditional British recruitment firms where they have honed their skills and are able to teach us the best techniques. Combining this experience with our cultural backgrounds from home we have managed to create an exclusive way to recruit in Scandinavia, mixing the old with the new.


Karan Kaushal



Thor have embraced the Scandinavian ideals of working smart and valuing our time. In work this means I value the strong relationships I have built with my clients and candidates that mean I am able to work mostly on a retained basis, prioritising their needs and getting the best results for my key clients. On a more personal level, valuing my time and working smart means I am able to work shorter hours and maintain the balance between my work life and spending time with my wife and daughter.

Thor also value our internal culture; we are like a big family and the holidays and activities we do strengthen this bond and help us to work together more effectively. Our interview process for new recruits includes a “meet the team” round where we can spend time with people informally and get to know them before they start away from the pressures of an interview room.



Michael Axe



As one of the British consultants within Thor, I have been able to truly appreciate the hybrid of the British and Scandinavian culture that we have cultivated. Small things, such as being able to go to the gym at lunch or our Monday morning breakfast provided by the company, make a huge difference and the Directors are always finding new ways to incentivise and motivate us.

Though I am one of the more experienced recruiters in the office, I still attend regular training sessions and we are supported throughout our careers, not just when we are new. I have recently taken on a new team and have the challenge of starting my own business within Thor – we have reached a really exciting point in our growth where we can still affect the way the business is run, whilst also enjoying the benefits of a larger business.


Jenny Pettersson



Since joining Thor I have had a very unique role where, alongside my recruitment work, I have been integral in setting up the Thor Companies® Swedish office. Our Stockholm office is the epicentre of our work in Scandinavia and allows us to meet with our clients and candidates more regularly so that we can partner with them in the best way.

One of the best parts of working at Thor has been the ability to take on additional responsibility, and the trust given by the Directors to their staff to get on with tasks. Our Directors regularly sit with consultants to consider their ambitions and what they want to achieve from their career to ensure that their aspirations are being supported. Not everyone wants to follow a management path, so Thor have carefully considered other options whereby consultants can be promoted without taking on team members should they wish.